The platform makes forward markets directly accessible to companies big and small, without any regulatory burden.

To ensure safe and compliant trading, registered users should:

  • Sell or buy steel or raw materials in the ordinary course of business;
  • Validly exist under the laws of their jurisdiction of incorporation;
  • Provide KYC Information for user due diligence and categorization.

User categorization facilitates trading with preferred market segments. It allows pre-authorizing your counterparties along such criteria as line of business, region, company size, orders, compliance aspects, and post-trade execution.

Due dilligence

Based on insights from Dun & Bradstreet Network and other specialized information providers, we perform due diligence on prospective and existing users that comprises the following:

  • Verifying corporate identity, good standing, signatory rights for electronic trading and post-trade processing;
  • Ensuring compliance with international economic sanctions.

KYC documents include:

  • Application Form and Power of Attorney signed by the management;
  • Certificate of incorporation, good standing, business license (as applicable);
  • Other documents reasonably required from time to time.

All KYC Information remains strictly confidential (see Privacy Policy).


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