Value proposition

The platform allows securing prices, reducing market risk and ensuring earnings up to 3 years in advance in commercial (as opposed to derivative) markets, keeping price formation in the real economy.

It is a sustainable solution to not only manage but also reduce uncertainty and price volatility across the ferrous value chain.

Our multilateral ecosystem

  • Simplifies forward pricing and lowers its cost;
  • Eliminates speculative influence of financial markets;
  • Makes forward markets directly accessible to companies big and small, without any regulatory burden;
  • Allows users to choose from dozens of price indices for integrated and electric supply chains, across all regions, in all major currencies;
  • Creates network effects for faster and better liquidity;
  • Offers flexible post-trade processing based on user risk profiles;
  • Enables optional conversion of financially settled contracts into supply agreements.

Most of these features have never existed before.

10 reasons to join


No training required


All grades and raw materials, worldwide


Settlements ensured by leading financial institutions


Online marketplace exempted from financial regulation


Grounded in physical markets


Customized contracts and post-trade services


Low basis risk at low cost


Easy integration or conversion into supply contracts


A decentralized ecosystem with network effects

An all-round solution for Real Economy

An all-round solution for Real Economy

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